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Artist – Ken Bushe

Ken Bushe – Landscape Artist, Dundee, Scotland

Ken Bushe Artist

I’m a landscape painting artist living near Dundee in Scotland.
It’s a good place to be an artist, especially one who has a particular interest in painting the sky because within 1/2 mile of where I live there is a long, low horizon to both east and west ….in one direction looking over the North Sea (East) and in the other direction (West) looking for about 10 miles along the length of the River Tay to Newburgh.

Both directions give a vast amount of uncluttered sky with clear views of both sunrise and sunset.

Inland, in all directions away from the shoreline and across the River Tay in Fife, there are wide variations in the landscape, enough for a landscape painting artist to enjoy for several lifetimes.


Painting the sunrise, Broughty Castle


Artist Statement.
I aim to interpret the outdoor environment in whatever way suggests itself when I am present in it.
This represents a lot of freedom.
My starting point is always the actual place at a specific time, and I often focus on the aspects of a landscape that are constantly changing like the sky and light, or movement in water to make a statement about this one moment.

I aim to concentrate on major elements within a landscape in the belief that selection is the first step to good composition when working from nature.

I recognise many influences from other artist’s paintings but when working I try not to dwell too much on other artist’s work in the hope that what small vision I do have is influenced as little as possible by the art world and as much as possible by the subject and its immediacy. 
The Glasgow Boys, the Scottish Colourists, Turner, the Canadian Group of Seven, Eric Ravilious, Stanley Spencer are notable figures for me in art history. Many contemporary artists that I see online also affect my work in a positive way, others not so positively..!

Artist drawing clouds


At the helm of Taymara vessel "Badger" with "Marigot" sailing alongsideI also have an interest in being ON the Tay.

I’m involved with a charity called Taymara which endeavors to share the maritime experience with a broad spectrum of society and which runs a community boat service on the River Tay for the benefit of locals and visitors to the area.
It is also committed to assisting groups and individuals who may benefit from a bit of help and input to progress or improve their lives.
I’m a trustee of the charity and one of their boat skippers, I train folk in boathandling, I steal everyones’ biscuits and I run the Taymara website –




…and I have a rabbit








“A world famous rabbit with a well established internet presence who has friends in many countries.”

Internet for rabbits


Well he would say that wouldn’t he?









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