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Contemporary landscape painting based on observation. Outdoor open air painting and studio painting

Painting of the dawn sky above the River Ythan - Dawn River Ythan

Latest Paintings – 2 at Sunrise

Two small sunrise studies recently finished. This is the latest in a series of outdoor paintings of the sunrise viewed from Tayport as the sun’s position during sunrise still keeps moving northwards. As I write this in early June, though – it should stop its northern movement soon and start drifting southwards again. Then I […]

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Landscape painting of trees in sunlight at the edge of a wood in the Sidlaw Hills

The Edge of the Woods

  I’d been painting in these woods for an hour or two when I turned round and saw two roe deer hinds about 30 feet away observing me gravely. They must have crept up behind because I never heard a thing. They looked at each other for a few seconds as though they were discussing […]

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