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Oil Sketches, Oil studies, Outdoor Oil Painting, Plein Air, Colour Studies.
Observation, sketching and painting directly from nature is the basis of my work.

Painting of the dawn sky above the River Ythan - Dawn River Ythan

Latest Paintings – 2 at Sunrise

Two small sunrise studies recently finished. This is the latest in a series of outdoor paintings of the sunrise viewed from Tayport as the sun’s position during sunrise still keeps moving northwards. As I write this in early June, though – it should stop its northern movement soon and start drifting southwards again. Then I […]

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Landscape painting of trees in sunlight at the edge of a wood in the Sidlaw Hills

The Edge of the Woods

  I’d been painting in these woods for an hour or two when I turned round and saw two roe deer hinds about 30 feet away observing me gravely. They must have crept up behind because I never heard a thing. They looked at each other for a few seconds as though they were discussing […]

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