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Paintings of the sky, outdoor studies, studio work

An oil painting of the close harmonies observed at sunset - Sunset Study

Sunset Study

A painting based on a smaller sunset study. As soon as the smaller sunset study was completed I wanted to take it further. It was right to stop the earlier one when I did as it felt “finished” but I still knew there was a lot more potential in the image – best realised by […]

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Painting of the dawn sky above the River Ythan - Dawn River Ythan

Latest Paintings – 2 at Sunrise

Two small sunrise studies recently finished. This is the latest in a series of outdoor paintings of the sunrise viewed from Tayport as the sun’s position during sunrise still keeps moving northwards. As I write this in early June, though – it should stop its northern movement soon and start drifting southwards again. Then I […]

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River Tay Cloud Study - cloud painting

River Tay Cloud Study

River Tay Cloud Study  – cloud painting, 8x10ins. oil on canvas   Based on an earlier painting in an attempt to take it a bit further while still staying with the theme.  Anyone living on this shore of the Tay knows the wind and the clouds too.

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