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Phasers and rabbits

A new mobile phone. An artist in the 21st century…

As I was watching the last part of Star Trek (2009) tonight, which was actually quite good, I wondered what the microphone symbol on my new mobile phone meant,  so ….. having been been recently described as looking like the monkey who stole it from a visitor to the park….I just poked at it.

It answered.
Seizing the moment, just as Captain Kirk said “Beam me up Now!!!” on Star Trek……I held up my phone and said “Show me Images of Rabbits”
He was beamed up to the Enterprise and I got images of rabbits.

Images of rabbits












Then I tried “Beam Me Up Now!” but all that happened was that I was offered a Star Trek Easter Egg.

A few minutes later the renegade Romulan Ship exploded. I yelled “Show me Ken Bushe’s Rabbit”……..

Ken Bushe's rabbit

I can’t remember how the film ended but this is fantastic. My rabbit.
Pure magic.
Phasers to Stun.



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