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Rabbit and his Woolly Ring

Rabbit and Woolly Ring 1 He was fascinated by this woolly ring as though it possessed some magical quality as soon as he saw it a few years ago and immediately adopted it as his own.



Rabbit and Woolly Ring 4He spends half of his life in it, near it or on it. He sits in it, he lies in it and he’s never vandalised or  destroyed it apart from when he is making the point that he is hungry and there is no quality food for him to eat …..THEN he pretends to pick up and eat the woolly ring – all the while staring at me. The woolly ring is never damaged but his brinkmanship always works. He’s fed promptly…







Rabbit and Woolly Ring 2Rabbit acting up











Rabbit and Woolly Ring 6











Rabbit and Woolly Ring 7












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