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Seascape Paintings

Seascape and the need to breathe.

There is something naturally thereaputic about the sea. We respond to it without needing to know why.
Simply being there or looking at a seascape smooths the brow and so our own minute perspective expands with each breath to mirror that of the shoreline.
It’s deep in the human psyche to want to be around water. Perhaps we grow a little when we feel next to it.

Always keep a shell in your pocket.


Oil painting Dawn from Tayport, outdoor painting

Dawn From Tayport     8x10ins.      Oil on Canvas       £250

An outdoor painting of dawn seen from Tayport in Fife, overlooking the River Tay and Broughty Ferry.
Dawn from Tayport


Painting of Pebble Beach, Broughty Ferry

Pebble Beach     18x20ins.      Oil on Canvas       Private Collection

I live and work every day beside water. The view from my window is the estuary of the River Tay, half sea, half river, a mile wide at this point and all of the sky above it. In rough weather, salt spray taps on the glass.  
Seascape painting Pebble Beach


Small pleine aire oil painting - North Sea Sunrise Study

North Sea Sunrise Study    6x7ins.     Oil on Board       Sold

The sea’s horizon draws the eye like a magnet. I’m fortunate to live on the East Coast of Scotland, where I can observe the sun rising out of the sea for most of the year.
Seascape painting – North Sea Sunrise Study


Tall ship leaving Dundee

Tall Ship Leaving Dundee      20x24ins.     Oil on Gesso       Private collection

The appeal may be the sea’s color, its sounds… maybe even its evolutionary associations, embedded in our psyche.
Oil on gesso painting, Tall Ship Leaving Dundee


Painting of rainbow at Red Castle Lunan Bay

From Red Castle     30x36ins.      Oil on Canvas          £1200

Lunan Bay came into view as I made my first short climb ever to Red Castle. I  found that this rainbow had already arrived here.
Seascape painting, From Red Castle


Painting of a River Tay Dolphin

River Tay Dolphin     20x24ins.      Oil on Canvas       £850

I’m fortunate to see Bottlenosed Dolphins  in the River Tay at close range on a regular basis as the skipper of a passenger boat during the summer months.  They are completely and utterly the most impressive creatures I’ve ever seen.
Oil painting, River Tay Dolphin


Painting of OIl rig Rowan Gorilla 7 leaving Dundee

Oil Rig Gorilla 7 Leaving the Stannergate 18x22ins Oil on Canvas  Private Collection

The vast size of oil rigs makes their passage in the River Tay a true landscape event rather than one of mere transportation and they’re even more stately when they pass during the night or at dusk.
Oil Rig Gorilla 7 leaving the Stannergate


Sky painting of Sunrise at Broughty Ferry Castle

Sunrise from the Castle     14x16ins.      Oil on Canvas        £450

Painting the sunrise over the sea is a particular interest of mine.
Oil painting, Sunrise from the Castle


Pleine Aire sunrise painting on East Coast of Scotland

Eastern Sky     8x10ins.     Oil on Canvas      Sold

Another sunrise. By choice, I paint from the same place again and again.
Seascape painting, Eastern Sky


Sunset in January - oil painting

January Sunset      8x10ins.     Oil on Canvas       Sold

Winter light.
Oil painting, January Sunset


Sky painting of sunrise over the River Tay

First Light on the Tay     11x19ins.     Oil on Canvas       Sold

Over the Tay Estuary
Oil painting, First Light on the Tay


Landscape painting of sunrise seen through mist

Sunrise in Mist      18x24ins.      Oil on Canvas        Sold

A study of the effect of mist and low cloud in an otherwise clear dawn.
Sunrise in Mist.


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