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Strange Weather


Waves, River Tay, Broughty Ferry

Waves in the River Tay at Broughty Ferry

Relentless weather here but nothing like as bad in Scotland as it is down south in the UK.
One storm system after another since Christmas with only and occasional calm clear day in between.
That’s 6 continuous weeks of it now.








Hailstorm in the River Tay

Hailstorm in the River Tay

One event was this squall which appeared out nowhere on a relatively calm afternoon with hail and 60mph winds.
It lasted about 10 minutes then the sky cleared abruptly and the wind dropped to almost nothing.








Dorset Coast 12th February

Dorset Coast 12th February

Not exactly the level of storms experienced by the South of England and Wales though …
Here’s what they had.


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