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Sunrise in October (2) ….Finished!

The 2nd canvas started outdoors during the sunrise on the 18th October last year.

Oil painting of sunrise from Broughty Ferry  - Sunrise paintings

Sunrise in October 2    8x10ins.     Oil on Canvas       £190

Another unfinished canvas from last year….finished eventually! I’d almost forgotten I had it, but I rediscovered it and pulled it out along with a few other unfinished works to complete while the weather stormed and raged in the first two months of this year. The second of two canvases blocked out and very quickly painted during a beautiful sunrise in October seen from Broughty Ferry Castle.







Painting of Sunrise in October

Sunrise in October   8x10ins.     Oil on Canvas      £190

The first canvas started as the sun rose on the 18th and the first one to be finished. Both these canvases were painted on extensively in the studio after the event.


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