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Tree Paintings

Tree Paintings – Contemporary landscape paintings with the tree as their main subject.

Tree paintings are almost portraits within a landscape and each has its own distinct personality and identity.
Trees are an integral part of our psyche, inspiring at the same time reverence, fear, security and adoration. We’ve made them such an essential part of everyday life, for as long as we’ve been human, and they’ve entered our minds as metaphors for all aspects of our existence, as well as filling all niches of our environment.

Oil painting of trees at the Roman Road near Perth

Trees at the Roman Road     12x16ins.     Oil on Canvas      £350

….”I come here when it’s good to be amongst trees. No-one ever bothers you here and you’re far more likely to meet deer than people.”
Tree painting – Trees at the Roman Road


Tree Paintings - Old Oak tree at Normans Law

Old Oak Tree at Normans Law      20x24ins.      Oil on Canvas       £950

I find myself painting trees in the same way I that might paint great and famous people…as full length portraits, standing within their estates. It’s easy to forget, and imagine when we’re present in a landscape that we’re the most important living thing within it, and that our presence has a great significance……until we stand next to a tree.
Tree Paintings Old Oak Tree at Normans Law


Oil painting of the moon and a single tree on Pirntaton Hill in the Scottish Borders

The Wishing Tree     20x24ins.      oil on Canvas        Conmmission

Oil painting of the moon and a single tree on Pirntaton Hill in the Scottish Borders above my cottage when I lived in the Scottish Borders.
The trunk of this tree was worn smooth from cattle rubbing against it over the years.   
Tree Paintings – Landscape painting commission – The Wishing Tree


Painting of waterfalls at Killin - Falls of Dochart

Waterfalls at Killin     20x24ins.     Oil on Canvas       Private Collection

“Trees occupy the physical world, but in addition, occupy a special psychological place in human consciousness.”
Kim D. Coder  – Trees and Humankind: Cultural and Psychological Bindings
Oil painting – Waterfalls at Killin


Scots Pines at Hallyburton Hill

Hallyburton Hill    20x24ins.     Oil on Canvas        Private Collection

 “Save A Tree” quickly became a flagship mantra for the environmental movement – they’ve been assisting us since we began to walk upright and so now with their air enriching ability, we look to them to save us and the entire planet from our own excesses.   
Tree Painting – Hallyburton Hill

As the Sunshine flows into Trees

As Sunshine flows into Trees     Oil on Canvas     16x 18ins.    Private Collection

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”  
John Muir 1838 – 1914
Tree Paintings –  As Sunshine Flows into Trees


Small oil painting of birch trees by a winter field

Birch Trees      10x12ins.      Oil on Canvas         Private Collection

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.   William Blake    
Tree paintings Birch Trees


Trees in the Den of Alyth  16x36ins.  Oil on Canvas  Commission

Trees in the Den of Alyth     16x36ins.    Oil on Canvas        Commission

A “long” painting of trees in the Den of Aylth which surround the stream. The Den of Aylth has been covered by trees throughout its history.
Trees in the Den of Aylth


Outdoor oil painting of pines

Pines    10x12ins.       Oil on Canvas        Private collection

 “Save A Tree” almost became a flagship mantra for environmentalists. Trees have been assisting us since we began to walk upright and now, with their ability to enrich air,  we look to them to save us from our own excesses. 
Outdoor oil paintingPines

Stubble Field near Logie  8x10ins. Oil on Canvas    Private collection

Stubble Field near Logie     8x10ins.      Oil on Canvas        Private collection

Outdoor tree painting of a low evening sun lighting up a stubble field and beeches 
Stubble Field Near Logie


Outdoor oil painting from the edge of woods in the Sidlaw Hills, Angus, Scotland

The Edge of the Woods   12x10ins.    Oil on Canvas     £275

Painting trees needs an outdoor input. A camera on its own can rarely record enough information to make a convincing painting of the subject. Viewing photos of the woods after actually being in them, I always think how different and how much “smaller” the photo is from the actual experience, seemingly more so than with other outdoor subjects. 
Tree paintings – The Edge of the Woods


Landscape painting of trees in sunlight at the edge of a wood in the Sidlaw Hills

Where the deer were    10x12ins.     Oil on Canvas        Private collection

….and the deer really were there too.
Click for more… Tree painting – Where the Deer Were



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