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View of the River Earn Valley

Pencil sketch – View of the River Earn Valley 6x8ins. pencil on paper

Pencil sketch of Earn Valley and sky

Pencil sketch of Earn Valley and sky 25 min. 6x8ins

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A pencil sketch in a small sketchbook of the sky above the land below the high hill with the River Earn winding bright silver crescents and S shapes far away across the valley floor and the huge expanse of all the sky above it……as seen from the Perth to Stirling road. I always try to turn off and stop for a while here to sketch and photograph the view. It’s one of those rare places where the sky always seems to be doing something.

This was sketched in a small sketchpad from inside the car, listening to music, quite warm with no wind…..oh how are the mighty fallen.

Photo taken roughly as the sketch was started  (I think!)

Photo taken close in time to when the sketch was started


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