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White Caterthun

Exploring “White Caterthun” a 2000 year old hilltop site with a view to painting there

White Caterthun - Cairn on the south side of the ramparts

Cairn on the south side of the ramparts

Well, it was a choice between getting an early night or driving 20 miles and a short climb to see what the longest day (June 21st) looked like as it ended on the White Caterthun. This was suggested by my friend Kris. He was going to drive there and I’m as daft as he is so we went to have a look.


The path to White Caterthun

The path up to White Caterthun

There are two forts on two adjacent hilltops here, known as The Caterthuns – White Caterthun and Brown Caterthun.
Link to Historic Scotland – White Caterthun, Brown Caterthun


Late evening at White Caterthun

Late evening at White Caterthun

On the longest day, the evening sky here is still quite light, even at 11 o’clock. White Caterthun gets its name from the enormous amount of pale coloured stones which, reinforced with timbers, once formed the walls of this hilltop site 2000 years ago.



Elves on the north wall

Elves on the north wall

Before we got here I’d reckoned that we might see rabbits, deer or maybe even elves  – and as it happened we did.
No rabbits or deer, unfortunately… only elves.  Uncommunicative and self absorbed, they huddled in a small group on the north wall in the fading light, gazed at their own feet, appeared to be hiding something and said hello only grudgingly ….(elves!).
After we passed them, they gobbled down food which shall best be left nameless.
They can just be made out in this photo.


White Caterthun looking west

White Caterthun looking west

Definitely a painting place for the future and probably one of the best.


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  1. Lillian July 1, 2014 at 3:09 pm #

    there’s magic in them thar hills! thanks for sharing :)